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Designing your Dream Home

Building a great home starts with a design that is efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and fits within budget.

To Start if off...
We begin with a free initial consultation where we discuss your wishes for the design and we find out where you are in the process. Many times this initial consultation takes place at your property so that you can show us where you want the house and any specific site considerations (i.e. best view, topography, current structures, driveways, etc.). It is difficult to design a home for your property if we do not know exactly what you are working with.

Getting it Started...
After the initial consultation we get started on generating an initial design. Then we meet with you several times to discuss changes to the interior, exterior, and electrical plan until you are 100% satisfied with the product. You will be working with the same lead project manager throughout the entire design process.

Making it Perfect...
Our process for making revisions is different from most design / build companies in many ways. To avoid miscommunication we typically like to meet in person and view a 3-dimensional version of the plan that can be revised live during the meeting. This means that you can see details of your home exterior and interior from 3-dimensional perspective camera views and do home walkthroughs. Rather than try to imagine what a 2-dimensional floor plan looks like in real life, you can visualize the entire home with our powerful 3D home design software. For convenience, we also offer web meetings and changes by standard methods such as email or phone.

Utilizing a Team Approach...
At Top Ridge Homes, we do not employ just a single “draftsman” with minimal design experience to design your home. Instead we have an experienced “design team” with each individual specializing in a particular part of the design. Our design team produces between 150 and 200 custom home designs every year from scratch, making them very competent and proficient in home flow efficiency, cost effective designs, and all home styles. So you can be sure that your home layout will be professionally designed and full of creative solutions and considerations.